Thursday, November 13, 2014

Number Your Days

This morning started out like any other day. While I was in the kitchen preparing some food, Hannah listened to some music while coloring. Her ears perk up when any "Frozen" song comes on. This one happened to be 'Do you want to build a snowman'. In the movie, when the bridge of the song plays, that is when it shows the tragic ship wreck of the parents of Anna and Elsa. Hannah turned to me and said,

Hannah - "The Mommy and Daddy dead."

Me - "Yes, Hannah, they did die."

Hannah - "...and you dead too."

Me - "One day I'll die"

And then I proceeded to cry (silly hormones) and tried to explain in toddler terms that one day we would die.

That got me thinking about a conversation I had with Jeremy earlier today. We discussed how heaven and hell don't seem to be real to most people, even believing Christians. Ourselves included. The way we can tell that is that there seems to be no urgency in telling people about the coming judgment. If we do truly believe that there will be an end to our lives, that we'll have to call into account our past deeds or lack thereof (not accepting Christ), then we would be telling everyone we know to come to the Lord.

"teach us to number our days
    that we may get a heart of wisdom." -Psalm 90:12

I'll admit I haven't been holding up my end of the Great Commission lately. I think distractions in my life get in the way much of the time and His command goes uncompleted. But I don't want it to be that way. I want to live my life in light of the fact that I will be facing the Creator of the universe one day, knowing that I faithfully pursued His instructions to us. But I know myself and I am a still a sinner, and at the very least, my prayer is that I would rely on Christ to help me because I need all the help I can get! This is not a minor issue, it really is a matter of life or death.