Sunday, May 29, 2011

Children of God

"Jesus says to receive the kingdom of God — to come to Him — like children, fudgesicle stains and all. The fact that the Father loves, endures with, protects, provides for, instructs, and corrects us reveals that He’s glorious. We, by the grace of God, get to be children of God, the objects of the Father’s love, his glorious inconveniences. That’s what Christianity’s all about."

"We're a family. Church is like a big living room. God is our Father. And you know what happens at the house? The kids show up, they break things, they spill things, they make noise. Praise be to God. That's how it is in my house. That's how it is at this church." -Pastor Mark Driscoll from sermon 'Children are a Glorious Inconvenience'

1 comment:

  1. What a fantastic comment on children! I can't wait to hear Pastor Driscoll's message.

    Thank you for sharing such inspiring words Nicole.