Monday, October 17, 2011

Faith in Action {In appreciation of my Pastor}

October is 'Pastor Appreciation Month' and I find it a fitting time to write a blog of appreciation about my pastor. The way we ended up at our church was definitely divinely orchestrated. But that's the way God works, right?!

Ours is a straight outta the bible church. Our pastor teaches from Genesis to Revelation. He doesn't skip parts that others may shy away from, even the uncomfortable parts. Frankly, life is uncomfortable sometimes and we can either ignore those parts and sacrifice not learning invaluable lessons or deal with them directly with the wisdom of God. For His ways are higher than our ways and His thoughts higher than our thoughts and I will trust Him even if I don't understand 'why' always.

Pastor Paul has been going through an in depth series on the law for the last several months. He has taught on everything from how to deal with difficult neighbors, usury, and taking time to rest on the sabbath. He goes over the hebrew words and explains in detail the context on the scripture so we can truly know what God means to teach us in His word.

It was a month or so ago when something happened in my life that made me think twice about a situation. I was presented with a few different approaches to take but only one of them was the right way to handle it. It was in that circumstance in my every day life that I realized that God's word has been hidden in my heart. Pastor Paul had cultivated these precious words in my heart and at that moment they grew into a flower of faith in action. It's amazing what God's word can do and also to see the men He calls to lead His people. Thank you Pastor Paul for all that you do!

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