Friday, January 13, 2012


I just gotta come out and say this: I love Tim Tebow! Not only is he an amazing athlete but he is so so so dang real. His faith comes natural to him. To some this is uncomfortable but this guy is living out his faith and is unashamed of his relationship with Jesus. It's AWESOME! I was driving home today when I heard on the radio that after a championship game where he had a bible verse on his face under the eye black, the very next day, John 3:16 was the most searched term on Google. 90 million people looked up the verse that is a summary of the gospel. 90 MILLION! I just had to praise God for this moment in time. Tebow has stood up and set an example for all of us. Praise God for wonderful role models, people who stand up for God now matter who's watching!

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  1. I agree. He is so overtly Christian and I LOVE that! It takes a lot of courage to speak about Jesus without worrying what the world will say. It's silly, I know, so Tim is such an inspiration!