Friday, September 24, 2010

Comic Relief

Sometimes you just need to have a good laugh. My usual go-to is either my husband, Jeremy (my favorite comedian) or Lucy, 'I Love Lucy' that is. But I recently stumbled upon an author who literally makes me laugh out loud while reading his blog. Like 'rolling on the floor' laughing!

His name is Jon Acuff and he really gets christian culture. It's only been a few years since giving my life to Christ and being immersed in christian culture, but I can identify with so many of his posts. Take a gander and I'm sure you will too (and you also will end up rolling on the floor laughing!)

My favorite topics Jon has covered: The Side Hug, Meeting Famous Pastors, Singing With our Hands Raised and last but not least Christmas Shoes, Greatest Song Ever? (That one's for you, Jerm!)

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