Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fall into Knitting

Here in Seattle we are quickly moving into our fall and with it comes the rain and cloudy days. And as much as I enjoyed this past summer, I have to say that I am actually enjoying the start of the new season. The cold rainy days always make me feel like bundling up on the couch and working on a knitting project.

While surfing through some crafting blogs I stumbled upon this awesome project. Not only is it cute but it is EASY. I am a very beginner knitter and can only knit squares or rectangles. That gets kind of old pretty fast. You can only have so many scarves and pot holders. Knitting a hat was totally out of the question, until this project came across my path. I am excited to get to knitting again while snuggled on my comfy couch in my home away from the rain. It's much prettier when I'm not out in it. I love fall in Seattle!

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