Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My Snow Day

Here in the Pacific Northwest, we were just hit with a blast of winter snow this last week. It never ceases to amaze me that although we know it's coming, it seems we are always caught off guard by the weather. I know for myself, I was grumbling away on Monday as the snow continued to fall. I think it's the part where you have to venture to work or go to the store that it makes the snow not so fun. But thank goodness my office was closed yesterday so I had an official "snow day". I haven't had one since I was in high school so it was a treat. Let me take you back on my snow day adventure.

6:30AM- Receive a call from my best friend and co-worker who informs me that the office is closed. WOOHOOO

6:45AM- Cook some eggs and have breakfast. Not rushed at all; Boy did I love it!

7:00AM- Help Jeremy do some cleaning around the house. So fun to pal around the house together :)

8:30AM- Take a walk in our neighborhood to check the road conditions. It was a beautiful walk and I got to take my snow shoe traction thingys for s spin. They worked; I did not slip once!

9:30AM- Do some remote office work on the computer. It was a slow work day to say the least.

11:00AM- Send Jeremy off to work and prepare lunch. Now it's time for me to get some work done!

12:00PM- Patch up some of Jeremy's jeans and work on some crafts. LOVE this extra time to work on these little projects that just seem to pile up during the week.

2:30PM- Do some more office work and got things cleaned up and ready for work back at the office tomorrow.

4:00PM- Start baking come cookies and homemade herb butter for Thanksgiving rolls.

5:00PM- Call my Mom and in-laws. I love my family; Fun times talking about the days events and the upcoming holidays!

7:00PM- Get the dishes cleaned and house straightened. Listening to my favorite hymns makes it so much more enjoyable.

8:20PM- Jeremy arrives home, we have a quicky dinner and jump in bed to start it all over again tomorrow!

Back at work today but boy am I thankful for my busy snow day!

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