Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Kindred Spirits

There is nothing like a good friend and a good book. How about both of them in one? That's exactly what I found when I read 'Living Simply' by Joanne Heim. I stumbled upon her while reading Beth Moore's blog. Joanne suffered a stroke in January and has been in the hospital ever since. Praise God she has been making progress and will hopefully be moving onto rehab soon.

I found out she was an author so I checked it out. As I read her story, it occurred to me that I could have very well written some of those same things. The things she enjoys, I enjoy, the things she struggles with, I struggle with, and the list went on and on. I made a new friend while reading her book and I am so blessed to have "met" her. If you are so inclined, read her story and pray for her and her family during this time in their lives.
"A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity." -Proverbs 17:17
It is truly a blessing to have strong sisters in Christ who will stand beside you to encourage, to have fun with, to teach, to learn from and to bear one another's burdens. Although I have not actually met Joanne, she has blessed me in ways she may never know (this side of heaven, that is). But I am also blessed to have friends near me who I know I can count on, who hold me accountable and who lift me up when I am down. God has given me so many things to be thankful for, not only my Salvation, my family, etc.. but He has given me good friends to share the ups and downs with. Isn't that amazing?! I am floored by just how much He gives to me, including the wonderful friendships I've been able to have throughout the years, even the ones I get to read in a book!
"As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another." Proverbs 27:17

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