Monday, November 21, 2011

Thanksgiving Challenge

Every day we should be a day of thanksgiving, where we offer up praise to the Lord for all that He has done, but Thanksgiving day is a time set apart to sit down with friends and family and really reflect on His abundant love toward us.

While Jeremy and I wrote our blessings on leaves for our thanksgiving wreath, I thought of an idea. Instead of just writing down what we are thankful for (Jesus, food, a home, the bible, etc...) we could turn right around and bless someone else with those very things we are thankful for.

Our list of blessings included: Jesus, God's mercy, role models, family, inspiration, good food, good books, hat, guns (Can you guess which ones came from Jeremy?). So while I find role models to be a huge blessing and inspiration, we can in turn be role models to other people in our lives. In fact, just the other day we were told by a family member that she looked up to us as a couple in the way we demonstrate our love towards each other. That was BIG because I didn't even know or think anyone was watching but it turns out she was. What a surprise and honor!

Or we could take Jeremy's blessing, 'good food', and bless a struggling family with the makings for a turkey dinner this week. There are so many possibilities where we can give back and shower other people with the things we are so grateful for. Any ideas how your family can give back some blessings you've received?

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