Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Oil Cloth Bibs {A Super Easy Tutorial}

Let me just start with this... if I can sew these bibs then I know anyone can! I like to pretend I am a sewing expert but most of the time my projects just don't quite look like the oh so perfect sample does. But alas, I am still learning ;)

I mentioned in my previous post about finding some beautiful and funky looking oil cloth fabric at a local home store in Edmonds. When I saw the fun patterns I had to pick up a 1/2 a yard of 2 of my favorites.

With freshly cut fabric in hand, I got to work on my latest project: easy clean oil cloth bibs. Did I mention how easy these are to make, because they are!

1.) Cut the bib pattern out of your fabric and velcro (click for pattern)
2.) Sew the velcro on the fabric as shown on pattern
3.) And finish the bib off with some single fold bias tape in coordinating color
4.) Put on your model and enjoy (in my case the stuffed bears will have to do!)

My next oilcloth project: receipt checkbook cover. :)

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