Thursday, September 8, 2011

All things New

It's been a few weeks since Jeremy and I moved and we are loving every minute in our new place. We're getting used to our new routes to and from work and enjoying the new sights and sounds. We have a window in the kitchen now and right next door is a daycare center so it's fun to hear the screams and giggles of the little ones playing outside.

I have had some things on my mind lately so I have tried to stay crafty. I got my hands on some funky oilcloth fabric and I am excited to show you what I've been working on. And as we are fast approaching fall (although it doesn't feel like it these days; hello indian summer) I have gotten back into my knitting. Fall just seems like the perfect time to knit, don't you think? It's been fun starting all my new projects.

While checking out my new neighborhood, my mom and I stumbled upon the most delicious restaurant EVER. We stopped into Epulo for happy hour last week and ordered a side of popcorn. Popcorn, why would you buy that at a nice restaurant for happy hour? Well this wasn't just any popcorn, this was popcorn in truffle oil. YUM-E!! I liked it so much that I brought Jeremy with me the next day to try some too :) Now I am warning you, this is not going to be a cheap habit (truffle oil goes for $20+ a bottle) but it will be a delicious one! Tasty Kitchen has a
good recipe to try out for yourself. You're welcome!

It is wonderful to know that through all the hard times and other stuff we go through in life, God is still at work in His creation, in the world and in my life. I see it every day!

He who was seated on the throne said, "I am making all things new!" -Revelation 21:5


  1. My husband and I eat at Epulo all the time! It's our big date place? I think you may be my neighbor...

  2. I heard Epulo was good too, but for popcorn? :)
    Girardi's has a really good happy hour menu, as well.
    You said you were working on something with oilcloth? What is it? Lemme see! :)