Friday, June 11, 2010

So excited!!

I know I am a major dork for getting so excited about this but I just received my first comment from someone other than my best friend, my husband and my Mother-in-law. Not that I don't love and cherish that they read my blog because I DO! :)

But getting back to my excitement, the person who commented was none other than Julie of Joy's Hope. Hers was the first crafting blog I read and I instantly fell in love. Not only does she offer beautiful inspiration, tutorials and recipes (I've tried them all and they are AWESOME!) but she offers hope and the love of Christ. I can't tell you how I've been inspired by her and I don't even know her (It does sound weird saying it out loud).

Something else I've been reflecting on this morning is the body of Christ. I LOVE finding out that so and so is a christian or driving down the road and seeing the Jesus fish on the back of someones bumper because that means we are sisters and brothers. Jeremy and I are so blessed to be a part of a wonderful church with some awesome people. They are not perfect, but they love Jesus and strive to be like Him each day. I guess it just gives me hope seeing all the different kinds of people out there and knowing they too are on fire for Christ. Praise God for His church, may we share His gospel with humility and love. And praise God for the inspiration His church is to fellow believers. You are a real blessing to this world!

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