Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Taste of Summer

Our summer here in the Seattle area is slow in coming, so to help jump start things, I decided to make some delicious summertime recipe favorites.

Each season has it's distinct flavors and foods that go with it and with summer comes BBQ'ed chicken burgers fresh off the grill with some fresh sauces and produce. This week we tried the chicken burger with pesto mayonnaise. And it is just as easy as it sounds to make. Grill your chicken however you like it and then spread over your sandwich buns the pesto mayo which is 1 part basil pesto to 3 parts mayo. It is so yummy and it's full of flavor!

With Independence day fast approaching, I am trying to figure out which dessert to bring to our church service in the park/fellowship picnic. Martha's Everyday Food sent me an e-mail this week with what looks like an amazing recipe: 'Smore cookies! Who can pass that up? But what could be more American than an apple pie cookie ice cream sandwich? Am I making you hungry yet? If I can't decide on one I might just have to make both, which wouldn't be so bad I guess ;)

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